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8 जानेवारी, 2021
1 686 वेळा पाहिला

Ninja | Anita Devgan | Karamjit Anmol | Gurmukh Ginni | Channa Mereya | Funny Clips | Nonstop Comedy
Starring : Ninja, Amrit Maan, Payal Rajput, Yograj Singh, Karamjit Anmol, B. N. Sharma
Movie Credits :
A Film by :- Pankaj Batra
Co-Produced By :- Daljit Thind & Sujay Kutti
Associate Producer :- Ikramjit Singh
Executive Producer :- Dalmora Entertainment
Music :- Gold Boy
Lyrics : Kumaar
Mix by :- Abhishek Khandelwal @YRF Studios
Assistant Mix Engineer : Manasi Tare
Original Story :- Nagraj Manjule
Screenplay :- Pankaj Batra & Jatinder Lall
Dialogues :- Jatinder Lall
D.O.P. :- Vineet Malhotra
Editor :- Manish More
Sound Designer :- Parikshit Lalwani & Kunal Mehta
Art Director :- Vijay & Dona
Line Producer :- Jarnail Singh (Virasat Films)
Costume Designer :- Manmeet Bindra
Production Controller :- Param Oberoi
HOD (Music) : Tej Gobind Singh
HOD (Production) : Vikram Kohli
HOD (Creative) : Raj Tiwana
Colorist :- Santosh Pawar
Associate Director :- Kuldeep Kaushik
Chief Assistant Director :- Gulshan Singh & Janjot Singh
DI :- Pixel D Post Pvt. Ltd.
Visual Promotions :- Just Right Studioz
Poster Design & Stills :- Sharan Arts
MRworlds Promotions :- KIXTIX MEDIA PVT LTD.
Music on :- White Hill Music
Worldwide Distribution : White Hill Studios
Produced By :- Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu & Zee Studios

Published Year : 2020
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